Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Big Day For Panzer Kitchen!

Our recent duck fattoush was cited as a favorite of Cook Think's weekly Root Source competition!

The ingredient we had to work with was pita, and here's the final take from the folks at Cook Think:

"We had some incredible entries to the root source. Ivy, of Kopiaste, submitted our favorite recipe, Sheftalia in Cyprus Pita. We can’t wait to get our hands on some caul fat to try it out.

Also whetting our appetites? There was a gorgeous Tuscan Style Pita Pizza from Wine Imbiber. We’ll be picking up some lamb this week to try We Are Never Full’s Lebanese Spiced Lamb Smothered in a Garlic-Yogurt-Pomegranate Sauce and The Culinary Chase’s Turkish Lamb, Feta and Spinach Melts. We’re also excited about this Deconstructed Duck Fattoush from Notes from a Kitchen. Thanks to them and to everyone else who submitted."

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tweber said...

Wow, Pauline -- congrats! Nice kudos for your blog.