Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Death By Fern

They say fiddlehead ferns can kill you if eaten raw, or just give you a nasty G.I. infection. But they're so fun and green and crunchy, I can't resist them. I once picked some on the side of a road in rural Vermont (where I'm told they're the state vegetable), ate them and lived to tell about it.

The ferns above were blanched in boiling, salted water for a few minutes until they were slightly soft then sauteed with chopped onions in some olive oil.


tweber said...

Wow -- Pauline, that photo is absolutely lovely!

michelle @ thursday night smackdown said...

that's a great pic. i've only had fiddleheads once, and was totally underwhelmed. maybe they were overcooked? they weren't nearly the beautiful bright green as the ones in your photo.

Lo said...

I am SO disappointed that we didn't get to sample fiddleheads this year. They're one of my favorite things, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

Am glad to live a bit vicariously! Glad that you got to enjoy!